About us

Selekcja- Integration Events, Themed Evenings, Corporate Picnics.

The companys philosophy is simple to offer the best service for our customers, exceptional standard of service and a good quality for a good price.
We only take orders which we can fulfill honestly and conscientiously.

We have long experience in organizing bonding events for companies throughout the country.
We were first in Lublin region (Kazimierz Dolny, Nałęczów, Janowiec) in unconventional forms of active recreation.

Over the years we have served many different events, picnics, mass events.

We always try to find out our customers needs and suggestions concerning a conduct of activities, what will help to prepare the project.

We have a wide range of events in our offer, and our creative personnel prepare the best project for Your company, regardless of the size of the group or your budget.

  • Response within 24 hour
  • Avoid patterns and repetitionsWe like new challenges
  • We organize eventy cross the country
  • Wide range of integration places

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