Visitors are greeted by AL CAPONE himself with his mafia handing over to guests bribe (an envelope with dollars).

After passing the money laundry players get into hands of mafia girls and everyone, who wants, gets a barrel of freshly smuggled moonshine from Canada.

Here  guests are welcomed by a host – Don Bujany, who greets them at the next meeting of Mafia Families.  After presentation all godfathers of company, participants start playing in illegal Casino. There for guests are American Roulette, Black Jack, and Pokers with professional dealers in costumes of that area.  In the basic package  are 3 tables: one for roulette, one for poker and for Black Jack.

Besides that we play dice on an old barrel and how it happens often  in gambling there may be many  quarrels and blows ( arranged fight between players). The task of each participant is to win as many dollars as it’s possible or even break the bank (extra prize). Who first lose their U.S. , can get high interest loan from mafia, but if he doesn’t give the money back, there are waiting for him special Al Capone’s concrete boots. Several bankrupts race in concrete boots, but mafia donate life only the winner.

Prohibition – means lack of alcohol, but you can get it using a password and paying a lot of money. Money is something you have it, but password you have to get by solving logic puzzles and other tasks.

A host Don Bujany conducts few games and competitions to emerge the best, hardest mafia family.

DJ takes care about music and also he carries out karaoke competition (prize is a golden microphone from Selekcja).

In addition, we can arrange:

  • Live music
  • White scarves for men
  • Tiaras with a feather for women
  • Al Capone hats
  • Dance show