We are pleased to invite you for crazy circus evening. Arriving guests are welcomed by jugglers (jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers) giving away all participants red noses and hats what bring everyone to funny atmosphere.

Clowns do tricks throughout the evening to entertain all participants. An additional attraction is Flapin figure who actively move during show, animate and engage guests, attract,  entertain all audience with etudes and create comical situations.  The first game is performed by clown and his assistants and it’s “mysterious bags” what takes all guests to the world of magic and illusion (volunteers get circus costumes).

Later in the evening, our juggling master will show his skills and will teach everyone willing magic tricks and juggling with various objects ( scarves, balls, waddies).

 During the evening we will arrange competition for the best juggler. The prize will be statuette sponsored by Selekcja Company.

The duration of circus evening is 3-4 h.

During the evening clowns will offer few games:

  • Spinning plates contest
  • Funny chair
  • Taking after helium
  • Crazy puns
  • Guesswork – what comedy is this
  • Magic tasks on time (pyramid, cuff)
  • Funny pants
  • Competition for the funniest and ugliest face

After thematic program we have fun with music played by DJ, who also run karaoke contest during evening (prize is a golden microphone from Selekca).

In addition we can arrange:

  • Performance of famous illusionist who will present amazing card tricks at the guest’s tables
  • Circus school Certificates
  • Fire show – dancing with fire, tricks with hot ropes and waddies. Fireworks.