BBQ dinner in front of a fire. We offer you an evening with witches and devils.

Accompanied by drummers, Lucifer with his devils welcome guests. Next to the fire witches are making elixir of youth. Anyone who drinks it will be young forever. During a feast witches and devils tease guests, disgust their food, do pranks.

Devils roast a pork or a ram over open infernal fire.

During supper Lucifer with his imps will torture leaders of each group:

In addition we can spice the evening up by:

  • Fire show, breathe fire, juggling clubs-hot and ropes
  • Firework
  • Rental clothes from hell

Playtime 2,5 to 3 h.

After all games we still have fun with mechanical music played by DJ who also will run Karaoke competition (prize is golden microphone from Selekcja Company).