We divide all participants into several groups, we mask their faces, give them an uniforms, and begin a briefing. We set off from the Resort or Hotel on the designated trail. There are several points, prepared before, with tasks to do by team. Each task is scored and counts to the overall score, what will help determine the best group and the best player.
Teams are watched by guide-judge, and everyone is obliged to listen to him. Due to safety during the expedition his decisions are irrevocable.
All tasks require teamwork, the ability to make quick group decisions, leadership, relationships between players, and the ability to select the best person from the team to perform specific action.
Number of tasks on the trail is to agree, and depends on duration of the event, amount of participants, and length of the trail.

Expedition’s tasks to choose from:

  • Professional shooting
  • Jeep off road
  • Quads, Buggy
  • Paintball
  • Aerie
  • Mad biathlon
  • Injured
  • Hut
  • Minefield
  • Border
  • Fashion show
  • Right time and right screen
  • Kravmaga
  • Ropes
  • Water biathlon or triathlon
  • Flying with a parachute after jeep