Off Road

For customers are available off-road vehicles as Toyota 4 Runner, Nissan Patrol, etc.

Sightseeing rides in the beautiful grounds leave unforgettable impressions.

Everyone wants to test own skills in off-road driving.

It’s the driving skills and accuracy that counts the most, not speed. For participants are prepared properly marked rally route. Ride require accuracy and any mistake is negatively scored.

Trial Trophy

Participants are divided into four person teams and they try to vanquish specially prepared rally route type “Trail”.  Players get roadbooks (maps, route description) and start-up cards.  The task for each team is to pass up perfectly designated section in a certain time.  

Adventure Trophy

It is not only driving by its own, but it’s driving ability on different surfaces, locating landmarks, where the stamps are, and using winches in extreme situations.

Players are challenge to affix stamps from different checkpoints on their roadbooks.