Guests are welcomed with cannon shots and by King Arthur with his Knights and Lady-in-waitings. They invite everyone to sumptuous tables with food and drinks.

After satisfying the first hunger there start knights fights. It is very spectacular and popular part of Feast. Knights present weapons and fighting styles from different eras of The Middle Ages.

Viewers can watch fighting and protective armor  used in staging. For volunteers we anticipate the possibility to try on the presented by us equipment (photo session) and try their skills in safe workout.

During Feast Witch will appear who will encourage participants to celebrate witchcrafts and to drink elixir of youth to be forever beautiful. Knights will catch Witch and her new students. King Arthur after a short trial with participation of guests will order the execution of flogging Witch and “asphalting” in stocks, tickling heels and noses with feather these participants who dabble in black magic.

During the feast we will invite participant to play in:

  • Dance demonstration, the ability to shared learning
  • Shearing three cabbage heads with two-hand sword
  • Knight’s obstacle course
  • William Tell competition – crossbow shooting
  • Painting selected medieval crest on a body
  • Fight with sacks with straw
  • Tasting elixir prepared by Witch

Duration of feast 3-4 h.

In addition we can arrange:

  • Cannon shots for welcome and farewell
  • Fireworks
  • Medieval music concert