We offer you fun in an atmosphere of cult movie „Miś”, so absurdities of PRL.

The event begins with choral singing one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. The purpose is to bring a proper atmosphere.

After that there is a short official part of evening (introduction of Rainbow Club flag, singing national anthem and an oath).

By special invitation of authorities of club, to the participants will speak special guest from Cuba – Fiedel Castro. During the evening coach of Class II – Jarząbek – will conduct many games and competitions referring to the absurdity of PRL

  • Quiz about “Miś”
  • Eating cooked grits using spoons with chains
  • Guess whose voice is on the fragment from “Miś” movie
  • Karaoke contest for the best singer of Coach Jarząbek song

“łubu dubu łubu dubu – long live the president of our club”.

Competitions will be interspersed with fun on dance floor with music of 60’,70’.

Participants of competitions will be rewarded with a gold medal of PRL, diploma signed by President of Rainbow Club – Ryszard Ochucki, hats of ZSMP, etc.

We offer and provide room decorations in PRL atmosphere( sport gadgets from communism time).

Extras participating in the evening create an unique ambience.

In addition we can arrange:

  • Mohair berets
  • Identity card of club

After thematic program we will have fun with mechanical music played by DJ. DJ will also run karaoke contest  (prize is a Golden Microphone from Selekcja).