Company or corporate meetings require an unusual and unusual setting to add splendor to truly important and solemn moments in the company’s life. Sometimes giving awards to employees, all kinds of inaugurations or other important reasons lead to a meeting in a significant style.
An elegant gala will be a great way to create an atmosphere worthy of the highest laurels.
We will make sure that the appropriate music, the play of lights, the announcer or the set design meet the expectations of each client, in line with the convention of the evening. The consistent nature of all elements guarantees the success of the meeting.
We will make your employees or customers appear in the sky of stars that day!

During the evening, the host will conduct some unforgettable games and competitions.
1. Guess what the melody is and what kind of movie it is – after listening to a short fragment, you should guess the title of the movie or song.
2. Star Review (selected participants are styled as famous stars: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Batman, John Travolta and many others). Their task will be a short performance in front of the gathered audience, which will choose the winner.
3. Saturday Night Fever, the Selection dancer, draws guests into the fever of Saturday Night in the program of dance animations.
4. Puns in pairs – show the title of the film and a star.
5. Oscar Gala – everyone will be able to take a photo on the red carpet next to a special wall with original Oscar statuettes.
6. Karaoke