As the oldest company in the region we have a long experience in organizing paintball events.

Paintball is the great outdoor game that integrate teams and lets to have fun. It  teaches a joint action, a perceptiveness and a reflex.

We offer instruction in weapon skills, in moving in a wooded area – “ green policy” and in moving in built-up area – “black tactic”, in dynamic shooting from vehicles  (moto paintball), in paintball shooting, in duels and in war games.

We have a wide range of animation game’s scenarios and adapt them to individual, physical skills of participants. In our offer everyone can find something for himself, what let him to have a great fun and a good time.

Wooded area:

  • A fight for flags in two bases
  • Sniper – participants can relay only on themselves, each alone
  • “Monte Cassino” – frontal attack
  • VIP’s  protection
  • The convoy – a group of terrorists have to steal the treasure from the escorts
  • Fox hunting – one or two players go to forest; the rest go after them after 5 minutes;
  • Parachute

Ruins of buildings, abandoned houses:

  • Assault on strengthening
  • Rescue of prisoners
  • Eliminations