We invite companies to take advantage of the live ammunition shooting range.

We start with getting acquainted with the construction, principle of operation and interesting facts about various firearms.

  • Shooting kbks on bipods with scopes (sniper shooting) at steel overturning targets as an introduction to the competition proper (15 shots)
  • Shooting from the Central Fire pistols to targets 10 shots, of which the top 7 are scored
  • Shooting with the Shotgun smoothbore (pump) against falling steel poppers on time (5 shots)
  • Shooting with the AK-47 (Kalashnikov) 10 shots of which the top 7 are scored

The shooting will be conducted by experienced instructors, participants of foreign missions, and practitioners of military crafts.

In addition, during the event, I propose a show and learning the basics of business self-defense led by an instructor of military self-defense techniques, the creator of the Personal Defense Academy, a personal trainer of many stars, politicians, and VIPs.

During the entire event, we can organize a presentation of the soldier’s personal equipment, the operator of special units. You will be able to touch everything, put it on, feel like a commando.