Mustafa Dread – leader of „Colour People” society – invites you to have unforgettable fun.  

On Rastafari party we melt into Rasta world.

Evening is divided into few phases what is identified with Rasta culture.

That night you can enjoy contest, games, fun, colourful drinks and colourful reggae party.

Colourful welcome

Sun Girls are our “welcoming committee”, they welcome every guest giving him a welcome gift – Mustafa Dread’s dreadlocks cap.

Interior and tables – everything is decorated in reggae style, lights in typical colours, posters, incenses, water pipes.

Mustafa invites for snack and a welcome aromatic puff of his water pipe.


After meal Mustafa with Dj start games and contest. In a room there are many points connected with Rasta culture.

Mustafa decorated room like Rastafarian would do and divided one in:

  • Music room
  • Relaxation room
  • Dance floor
  • Fashion room

We collect colored PACYFY

For any contest, or game Mustafa gives a stamps. At the end we count ones and that’s how we emerge winners.  Sun Girls mark them and invite to reggae dance before others.

Bar is open and now the fun is in full swing.

In addition, we offer gadgets:

  • Berets with dreadlocks
  • Reggae T-shirts
  • Coloured wristbands